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In 2004, I was working as an IT consultant and for 2 years, I was confused by the amount of taxes I was paying. I felt as if most of my income was going towards taxes, so I asked my accountant, and his answer was blunt: I made too much money and that was the end of it; I will always owe. I was not happy with that answer, so I went to one of the big brand name tax firms. I simply asked if they did consultations or if they could recommend some who could help me or guide me to the right answers. He said, “No, but I teach a tax school and I will give you the information for free, if you become my receptionist.” I wanted to learn, so I took the job. I went to tax school every year after I started working in that office, learning from some of the best tax minds in Solano county.

I worked for 6 years, learning everything I could and when I got as far up the ranks as possible, I started to look at what I had learned and made recommendations: one was to educate clients. I wanted people to understand their taxes, so that they could make informed decisions year after year. At the time, my boss felt that it took too much time to do that. They wanted them to come in and be out in 20 minutes; taking the time to explain would cut into the profits. I respected that, but it was also the catalyst for me to start TaxAce. At the end of 2005, when I began to prepare taxes, one client called me an Ace in taxes, because she was grateful that I helped her understand her taxes as well as save her money, since her previous tax returns were done incorrectly. That name stuck and I became TaxAce.

In 2011, I began working from home. Our first year was tough and slow. I had to prove myself, as the clients from my old firm could not follow me, so I started from scratch. Once people began to realize I care and that I knew what I was doing, we more than quadrupled our clients every year. By 2015, I had too many clients and my husband encouraged me to get an office. We worked together to build our business and we leased an old office. Our first year was tough; we did everything ourselves, from the floor to the ceiling. We built the furniture and prepared the computers and software. On January 1, 2016, we opened our first TaxAce office.

We started as a team of two: my husband and me. Every year, we grew and added to our team. Fast forward to 2021 where we now have 12 team members, and we are grateful to be thriving amidst a pandemic and able to help as many people as possible.

Our motto remains the same since 2005: “If your mom walked in to get help, how would you take care of her? Like FAMILY!” It has been our guiding principle to this day.

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